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OPENED 8a.m. TO 8p.m. EVERY DAY          

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1220 NE 4TH AVE FORT LAUDERDALE 33334 - 954 999 0365 - Walk in, have a seat and get a Haircut.


Ron Cerreta, owner of Ron’s Barber Shop, has turned his one-man barber shop into a bustling men’s grooming center with six stations and a total of 14 fabulous barbers. Each day, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, our community can get a fresh cut and clean shave at unbeatable prices. We chatted with the Navy veteran, hair expert and funny man about trends in men’s grooming, to dye or not to dye and his celebrity hair crush. Buckle up for a crash course in looking good.

What do most men get wrong about grooming? They feel they need to spend a lot of money to look good and that’s just not true. We charge $10 a haircut and $15 for a shave. And we’ll make you look better than any other stylist or barber shop in town.

What are some helpful grooming tips for men, in general? Don’t attempt to do your own haircuts. You can nick yourself, get an infection and you can also give yourself a bad haircut. We’ll do it for you every week or once every other week at a fraction of the cost other barber shops offer.

What are some helpful tips for men to find the best hairstyle for their face type? Come in and talk to one of my barbers, We do consultations. For example, with a round face, you should have somewhat of a longer cut. For a thinner face, it should be a shorter cut.

What are some of the best hair care products for men? There’s not much difference of alkaline and acid in each product. The only real time you get into a whole lot of difference is when you start getting into Head and Shoulders for dry skin or flaky skin. There is also a difference for African American gentlemen who tend to get razor bumps. They have to use a certain kind of shaving cream. In my opinion, Suave is just as good as Vidal Sassoon—the chemical composition differs slightly, whereas the price is drastically different.

What men’s style is trending at present? Right now, I would have to say it’s the Japanese Fade. This style is a high fade with a hard part that is carved in.

When someone is going grey should they dye or go au naturel? It depends on the person and what they’re looking for, as well as the thickness and density of the hair. It also depends on the coarseness of the hair. Grey hair is hollow. When you dye it, you get the actual color of the dye. This can make it hard to get a natural look. You have to have a specialist do it to fool the public.

What do you prefer, long or short? It all depends on the person and their personality. I don’t want a surfer to come in here and get a crew cut and I don’t want a police officer having a long cut. That goes for a person’s facial hair too. At Ron’s Barber Shop, we need to get to know the person when they come in. That is just as important as the cut itself.

What is your favorite hairstyle? My favorite male hairstyle is a flat top. I am ex-military and I think it is clean and it is sharp. It lasts long and, if someone does it right, it can look fresh for a while.

Who is your celebrity hair crush? Vin Diesel. He has a bald head. We actually give the best bald shaves in town. We start out with a little Noxzema with a hot towel, while giving you a massage. Then, we use a straight edge razor to shave your entire head. Afterwards, we use a cold towel to close the pores. We finish with a spray of alcohol, so you get the sting like you just ate a peppermint patty. It’s better than a full body massage.

When it comes to men and their hair, all men should what and why? All men should get their haircut at least every three to four weeks. Why? Because a fresh, clean cut adds to your attractiveness and it also gives you a better mental attitude. It makes the public see you better and when you feel good about yourself, you put that out to everyone else.

Ron’s Barber Shop
1220 NE 4th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


Ron's Barber Shop Home Of the $10.00 Hair Cut